Where to Buy Corrugated Sheets Canada

Corrugated sheet metal is somewhat of a specialty product, and thus most people outside of the metal industry have trouble sourcing it. There are different applications for corrugated metal, and this will determine where to shop.

Corrugated Sheets for Residential Roofing

For residential roofing, it’s easy to find this product at any home improvement store such as Lowe’s, The Home Depot, or Rona. That said, these locations will likely cost close to twice as much as they should. You would be better off finding a local metal supplier that specializes in metal roofing. Search for “metal roofing” on Google, and you’ll be sure to see results.

Steel Decking

On the other hand, decking is a whole different ball game. You won’t be able to find the decking for flat roofs of commercial and industrial buildings at a general home improvement store. For these buildings, you would need roofing that meets different codes. Two of the biggest companies that specialize in this are Vulcraft and Canam Group Inc. If you are also purchasing steel joists along with your decking, these two companies are the perfect one-stop-shop. Just be sure to get a quote from both as their competitiveness on pricing varies from product to product. However, if you are only sourcing the steel decking on its own, these companies may take longer to fulfill your order than a smaller, more local company. Again, in this circumstance, try Googling “metal decking” to find companies that are closer and more apt to produce and order quickly.

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