On Site Steel Welding Toronto

Stainless steel has a low thermal conductivity which allows it to distort rapidly when welded improperly. The high chromium content in this metal also tends to burn easily and turn black when welded with excess heat. For these reasons it’s easy to go wrong when hiring a mobile welder for stainless steel, so we aim to take the guessing out of your decision. We’re fully TSSA certified in welding stainless steel in any position, up to and including pipe. We also meet industry standards for pharmaceutical and food grade applications. One example is grinding down and polishing the final weld to create a smooth surface that is unable to collect bacteria. Another is purging the inside of pipes with gas to prevent oxidation of the weld metal on the inside of the pipe, preventing corrosion that can contaminate any fluids that flow past it. We also work with clients to strategize cost efficient solutions for either stainless repair work or the welding of new parts/structures.