Where to Buy Sheet Metal

Many of our clients who use our mobile welding services in Toronto & GTA also ask us where to buy sheet metal. The best question for a mobile welder to consider is: where should they buy sheet metal to get the best price and most suitable format for their project?
It’s easy to find assortments of pipe, plate, and small sheets at large construction-oriented stores like Home Depot or Princess Auto. However, these stores won’t offer you the best price on sheet metal in Toronto for your mobile welding project.

How Metal Distribution Works

Keep in mind that these stores don’t manufacture the metal themselves, they buy it from someone else, and even those stores often have bought it from another retail company. You should find a much better price by getting close to the source and eliminating all the middlemen when buying sheet metal in Toronto & GTA for your mobile welding project. Minimum order requirements are often the only roadblock that prevents you from shopping at companies with the best pricing. Manufacturers don’t produce single pieces at a time, nor do they have the sales staff to deal with small orders. For this reason, they rarely sell orders smaller than $10,000, if not $100,000 or more. Large companies purchase mass orders from the manufacturer and then redistribute them to smaller companies. In turn, these smaller companies will likely sell to an even smaller company, and so forth. It is not uncommon for a chain of several companies that have bought and sold from one another before the metal finally gets to the consumer.

Where You Should Buy Sheet Metal

Contacting small distributors such as McKinnon Metals , Mr. Metal or The Metal Supermarkets (all easily found in the GTA) is ideal for individuals for an order or less than roughly $1000. However, to consider is that all of these companies cut your order to the size you need. A mobile welder often needs to work with sheet metal of various sizes. If you want to purchase a larger order, you may still be better off shopping from them, as the larger companies often only sell metal in huge lengths that you may not be able to handle. That said, if you can cut the material down to size yourself, a large distributor like Russel Metals will give you a much better price.

Finding the right source for sheet metal can significantly impact the cost and efficiency of your mobile welding project. By understanding the different options available and considering the expertise of your mobile welding services provider, you can ensure you get the best quality sheet metal at the most competitive price.

To learn more about where to buy sheet metal or for professional welding services in the Greater Toronto Areacontact the Central Mobile Welding team today.

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