How Much An Hour Does A Mobile Welder Charge?

As a mobile welding company, Central Mobile Welding is asked this question all the time. The truthful answer would be, well, how much do you want to pay? Rates vary drastically from one company to the other and if you’re looking to pay bottom dollar, there is someone out there who will accept it. Now for those of you who want a quick answer, we’ll first give you the range that rates tend to reside within in The GTA and then delve into answering the better question of “How much should a mobile welder charge?”.

Hourly Rates That Other Mobile Welders Charge

So for the GTA, the bulk of mobile welders charge somewhere between $80 and $120 per hour. You may be able to find someone charging outside of that range from time to time, though they tend not to last too long. For welders charging below the range, they don’t earn enough money to compete with regular wages offered by employers and they either end up increasing their rates or quitting the business and finding a job. And the welders charging above that usually don’t get enough business to keep things afloat, and thus lower their rates or find a job.

How Much Should A Mobile Welder Really Charge?

So now that you have a rough idea of what the rates are, how much should you be willing to pay? Before calling up all the mobile welders in your area to determine who charges $80 per hour or less, consider this: all the money that a mobile welder charges does not necessarily go into their pocket. As is usually the case, welders that charge higher rates tend to have more training and also spend more on licensing, certifications and insurance. This all contributes to jobs more often being done correctly the first time, which can end up saving you money down the road by avoiding costly repairs.

That said, spending at the higher end of the range doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you will receive the above-average quality of work. It is not uncommon for mobile welders to take advantage of customers who are unaware of proper rates or able to be convinced of their unproven skills. A safe bet to avoid being overcharged is to verify the certifications and insurance of several different mobile welders in the area and compare the rates of similarly qualified companies. After having done the necessary due diligence, one will usually find a positive correlation between the rate charged and qualifications. Most mobile welding companies who meet the proper regulations follow similar pricing.

Exceptions For Some Clients

For the residential consumers or small businesses who are not constantly reinvesting their income, it can make sense to spend some extra time on finding a discounted mobile service that meets all requirements. However, it is often not the same for larger industrial companies that are constantly making capital expenditures to stay in business and grow. They often purchase goods and services in much larger quantities than the average consumer and can not always be as choosy about how much they spend when the priority is finding a company that can meet their demands. That said, it is important to recognize that their reasons for sometimes hiring more expensive mobile welders do not always equate to higher quality service.

Overall, there are pros and cons to paying both high and low rates for mobile welding services. Each of these extremes tends to attract different types of customers, and each has valid reasons for their choice. Oftentimes, the safest bet is to find pricing somewhere in the middle.


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