Structural Welding Contractors

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Structural Welding Contractors

Structural welding contractors use welding and construction expertise with various component materials to erect and fabricate steel structures. Structural welding comes with its own set of weld joints, codes, and engineering drawings. Structural welders must possess specific skill sets, which include taking accurate measurements, creating structurally sound welds, and using various lifting equipment, to do the job effectively.

At Central Mobile Welding we provide professional services for general contractors and homeowners that need an experienced team with the best training, along with state-of-the-art equipment. Our mobile structural welding contractors can come to your site to discuss a new project and assist with planning at every stage of the steel project. We have partnerships with many engineers and fabricators and can procure materials and shop drawings for any structural steel.

We will do the job right the first time and are dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction!

The structural steel services we provide include the following:

Steel Erecting for Building Frames
Our number one specialty is erecting the columns, beams, girts, joists, and decking required to form the steel skeleton for any commercial building. Our company meets all industry standards and our team has the experience to meet deadlines at a low cost.

Reinforcement of Joists
Commercial spaces often have flat roofs that require reinforcing before adding heavy equipment above. Our team is fully capable of installing the steel reinforcements by the engineering drawings provided. We ensure that proper shoring techniques are used and that your joists are reinforced properly and safely.

Stick Welding
This is considered to be the most universally recognizable form of welding to create steel structures. It is an incredibly versatile process, as it can be used outdoors in windy conditions, and on a wide array of different metals as well. For smaller projects, our stick welding services are available at an hourly rate. Ask our structural welding contractors whether stick welding would be an option for you.

Structural Steel Repairs
It’s not uncommon for forklifts to collide with and damage steel columns, compromising the entire steel structure supported above. Other damage to steel structures can result from water damage leading to rust, lifting equipment that raises a vehicle too high and crashes into the steel joists, or even natural fatigue from years of exposure to high winds. Our team of welders is fully trained in reading engineering drawings and performing all structural repairs to pass all building inspections.

Torch Cutting/ Steel Demolition
Sometimes the regular demolition teams are not equipped to dismantle significant steel structures. For this, torch cutting is required. An oxy-fuel torch works by heating the steel and then injecting a high-pressure stream of oxygen to oxidize and cut the metal. This can be processed can be used on the thinnest metals, up to steel several inches thick. Whether it be an entire mezzanine, boiler room, or any miscellaneous steel that you require to be cut down to size and removed from the vicinity, we have the right equipment and expertise to handle your steel demolition project.

Our team of structural welding contractors at Central Mobile Welding can handle any type of structural job you have. We offer a wide range of welding methods that can be done on a mobile, on-call basis or booked in advance. Call us first to handle all of your steelwork needs in Toronto and the GTA.

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