CMW is Your Leading Structural Welding Company in The Greater Toronto Area

Over the past few years, Central Mobile Welding Ltd. has quickly emerged as a prominent player in the structural welding industry. Specializing in structural projects, both big and small, we cover the entire Golden Horseshoe Area surrounding and including Toronto. We will travel even further distances for larger projects or emergencies. With multiple trucks on the road, we can tackle small structural welding projects with little to no notice, and we’re also capable of managing more extensive projects that require a small fleet.

We take deadlines very seriously, and our structural welders are eager to work overtime hours to get projects done yesterday at no extra cost to our clients! Our team at Central Mobile Welding Ltd. are CWB certified and meet all Ministry of labour regulations for welding and erecting of structural steel.

Structural Mobile Welding Contractors in The Greater Toronto Area

No stranger to complex projects and detailed blueprints, we are experts at completing structural welding projects while maintaining the utmost accuracy in the final product. We regularly retain engineering services to ensure that our structural projects are completed safely and in accordance with all relevant building codes. Our company is CWB certified to CSA W 47.1, and all of our welders are regularly tested.

Structural welding services

Our structural welding projects include:

• Erecting and welding steel columns, beams and bracing for commercial buildings
• Installing and welding the steel framework for additions on residential houses
• Reinforcing steel flat-roofs
• Building fire escapes and balconies
• Installing steel decking for flooring (to hold concrete) or rooftops
• Installing and welding miscellaneous custom reinforcements for structural steel

To get an idea of past structural welding projects we’ve completed, check out our recent mobile welding projects.

Why it’s Vital to Choose the Right Mobile Welding Company

One of the most significant risks you face when hiring for structural welding services is repairing poor craftsmanship. As we began working on larger projects, we were shocked by how often we were called to tear down work done by other companies and then rebuild anew. Even large companies were sometimes responsible for performing structural welding work without the proper certifications, or for rushing with shoddy labour to meet project deadlines. The cost for tear-downs and rebuilding can be enormous, and at CMW it’s our philosophy that with proper planning, there’s no need to take shortcuts to meet or beat deadlines. In case you’re still not sure about us, check out reviews from happy clients!

Not only are we fully certified to weld on structural steel, but we can also prove it too! Our welding teams are happy to provide copies of all our relevant certifications when quoting new projects. Additionally, at CMW we also provide our WSIB and insurance certificates in advance, to assure our clients that they won’t bear the financial burden of anything that may go wrong.

There are many structural welding service options available. Some are better than others, and then there’s the best! Choose Central Mobile Welding Ltd. for all your structural welding needs!

How Much Do Mobile Welding Services Cost in Toronto?

Are you starting a new mobile welding project in Toronto or GTA? Contact our professional welders at Central Mobile Welding and get started today. Rates vary on structural welding projects due to travel time, equipment needed, and other specific job requirements. For our hourly rates and billing structure, feel free to call or email us anytime! You can also send us a message directly with the form below! Feel free to send us a picture of your project by selecting “Choose File” at the bottom of the form.

To learn more about structural welding or for professional welding services in the Greater Toronto Area, contact the Central Mobile Welding team today.

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